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Structural steel

Quality structural steel

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Are you looking for strong, lasting pipes or angle irons in Dayton, OH? Turn to Trotwood Steel for industry-standard structural steel products that last more than their expected span of years. Choose from our variety of structural steel pieces. We can cut to order, right from a 1-foot cut to a thousand pieces!

Durable Structural Steel in Dayton, OH

  • Angle irons

  • I-beams

  • Pipes

  • Square tubing

  • C-channels

  • Solid round-stock pieces

  • Square-stock pieces

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Years of Experience

Our vast experience in the industry has ensured a high level of workmanship on our jobs. Locally-owned and operated, we are available 7 days a week!

We have no fixed minimum order, so we accept jobs of all sizes!

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Our materials are very popular with contactors, farmers, and do-it-yourself enthusiasts in Dayton, OH. We sell new and used steel, as well as raw and primed steel.

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