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Plate and expanded metal

Quality Plate and Expanded Metal Products

If you're in the hunt for a reliable source of quality metal components in Dayton, OH, your ideal choice is Trotwood Steel. Our professional staff will work to meet your needs, so you can expect highly-skilled workmanship on your custom orders.

Why choose Trotwood Steel?

  • Plate metal components

  • Expanded metal components

  • Used in structural composition

  • Trailers

  • Cages

  • We cater to a variety of other purposes as well

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Veterans' Discount

If you've served in the armed forces, we'd like to thank you by offering a veterans' discount.

With no minimum orders required, we'll meet all your needs, big and small.

Trust our over 30 years of experience in carrying out custom work

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Our metal products can easily be used in trailers, cages and a variety of other purposes for your individual project. Choose us for durable metal products.


Robust metal components